HEY! I'm Will. AKA WillRock.

My interest in music composition started at an early age, when I wrote compositions on my piano. Then, at the age of 14, I bought Cubase, and opened myself up to a vast world of music creation through the use of technology. I have since become a notable remixer in the video game music community, having remixes posted on YouTube and OverClocked Remix, where I also work as a Submissions Judge and Workshop Moderator. I also represent them at Conventions across the UK where I organise panels and do live performances.


I work as the sole composer for Edgebee Studios, and have composed music for 3 of their games to date. I also have numerous original albums released which can be found on my bandcamp page.


I have been a fan of music all my life, and have a strong love for Classic Rock music. However, due to previous recording limitations and my love of games, my music has evolved into a unique combination of Electronic, Chiptune, and Classic Rock elements, although I experiment in various music styles including Classical, Ethnic, and Funk music. Some of my influences include Bon Jovi, Journey, Daft Punk, Yuzo Koshiro, Iron Maiden, Pendulum, Masato Nakamura, Vince Dicola and Hans Zimmer.


If you wish to contact me for business related inquiries, including commissioned music for games, then contact me via e-mail at Will.Rock@hotmail.co.uk.



If you wish to contact me about non-business related inquiries, then you can contact me via Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and any of the social networking websites listed above.






I look forward to hearing from you! - WillRock

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